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Mars Rock - Tissint Martian Meteorite

Mars Rock - Tissint Martian Meteorite


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Own a real piece of the red planet Mars at a great price!  Piece Designation: Tissint

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Meteorite Designation: Tissint

Own a real piece of the Red Planet!

Like Moon Meteorites these meteorites are among the most thought-after and rarest on the market. Our newly classified Martian meteorites, much to the collector’s delight, belong to the most aesthetic and freshest shergottites, which ever were made available. The designation for this particular mars rock is 'Tissint'.

History: Tissint was the fifth witnessed fall of a Martian meteorite and occurred in the early hours of July 18, 2011 in a remote rocky desert region southwest of Tissint, Morocco. The meteorite pieces (in total over 12 kilograms) were not found until about 4 months later, but the freshness of both the fusion crust and the interior of numerous broken fragments are quite consistent with the earlier visual and auditory accounts by local observers. The amounts of the short-lived cosmogenic nuclides 54Mn and 22Na detected in a specimen analyzed by Dr. John Duke at the University of Alberta are consistent with a very recent fall date (at least within the last 5 years). The meteorite was named Tissint (pronounced Tee.seent) after the village located about 70 km from the strewnfield. In Berber this name means “salt”, in reference to the saline water and salt deposits in this region on the north side of the Oued Drâa intermittent watershed, which separates Morocco from Algeria.

Tissint is a different variety of shergottite from the two previous shergottite falls (Shergotty and Zagami), but similar to a group of 11 other shergottites (termed olivine-phyric) found elsewhere in northern Africa, Oman and Antarctica. The large olivine grains exposed on the exterior of the Tissint meteoroid melted in a distinctive way as it plunged through our atmosphere. The obverse side of the same piece reveals the pale gray interior with its sporadic pockets of vesicular black glass (formed by shock as the material was ejected from Mars). If Tissint is indeed like the other compositionally-similar olivine-phyric shergottites, then it might be expected to have an igneous formation age near 460 million years ago and may have been ejected (along with the other 11 similar examples) about 1.1 million years ago.

Ejection Age: Drs. Marc Caffee and Kunihiko Nishiizumi have determined the ejection age for two samples of Tissint from measurements of cosmogenic beryllium-10 to be 1.1 Ma. This result fully supports their hypothesis that ALL of the depleted olivine-phyric shergottites (with the notable exception of Dhofar 019) were ejected from Mars together at this time, but landed on Earth at various times over the past 450,000 years (and as remarkable as it seems predominantly in Northwest African countries). Dhofar 019 has the longest space age measured so far for any Martian meteorite (20 million years).

Crystallization Age: Analyses to determine the crystallization age for Tissint using Sr, Nd and Hf isotopes have been undertaken in several laboratories. Dr. Gregory Brennecka, Dr. Lars Borg and Dr. Meenakshi Wadhwa determined a preliminary Sm-Nd isochron age of 596 ± 23 million years. Therica Grosshans, Dr. Thomas Lapen and Dr. Rasmus Andreasen obtained a Sm-Nd mineral isochron age of 616 ± 67 million years and a less precise Lu-Hf mineral isochron age of 583 ± 86 million years. These results indicate that Tissint has a formation near 600 million years ago and is the oldest shergottite dated so far (along with Dhofar 019). Tissint also has the highest positive bulk hafnium isotopic composition yet measured for a shergottite, which implies that its mantle source region has one of the most depleted lithophile trace element signatures known for Mars.

  • Comes boxed in 2x1'' Presentation Box
  • Meteorite Weight approx: 7-12mg
  • Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity

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