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Space Shuttle Material & Meteorite Necklace

Space Shuttle Material & Meteorite Necklace

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This amazing necklace contains a piece of flown Thermal Control Blanket from the Space Shuttle Columbia and meteorite dust from three different meteorites!

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Contains Space Shuttle Flown Material AND Meteorite Dust from THREE different Meteorite Impacts!

This is an amazing piece of jewellery - and we believe the first of it's kind EVER created.

The necklace contains 2 unique samples.

1 - A section of material from the legendary Space Shuttle.

''The Thermal Control System Blankets were used to protect orbiter installed payloads, equipment, and other cargo from the extremes temperature conditions while in space. The material inside the jewellery was flown in space aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia Mission; STS-94 in July 1997 which orbited the earth 251 times and travelled over 6.2 million miles on its 16 day journey. The material was removed after the flight.'' 

2 - A sample of meteorite filings - from several iron meteorites.

Iron meteorites were once at the core of a failed planet. When this planet exploded, pieces of this iron travelled through space - often for millions of years, before landing on Earth as a meteorite. It contains material from various sites including Argentina, China and Russia. 

The 2 samples have been carefully sealed in a beautiful glass vial and strung from an 18 inch sterling silver chain.

The necklace is beautifully boxed in a padded black velvet lined jewellery and comes with a signed certificate of authenticity as well as supporting documentation for the Space Shuttle material and also a meteorite information sheet.

This really is a unique and intriguing piece of jewellery - and would be the perfect gift for any astronomy fan.

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