Apollo 11 CM Columbia Access Hatch Full-Scale Replica

This is a 1/1 scale, engineering-grade, precision-built replica of the Apollo 11 Command Module "Columbia" primary access hatch with every attention paid to even the smallest details.

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Archive Id AP11-CMC-AH

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This model is built with precision and the finest attention to even the smallest details. The model base is computer numerical control machined for precision using 1300 grade foundry board with brass threaded inserts, with the internal and external window frames cast in PU prototyping resin with rubber seals and solid, toughened glazing. All major internal components are 3D printed from CAD data and are finished, moulded, and cast in PU resin with automotive paint finishes to replicate the original metal mechanisms. All fixings are made from stainless steel and the interior hatch labels are replicated to appear as original.

Optional Upgrade 1: Functioning latch mechanism. The above relevant components are re-engineered to incorporate a functional gearbox and latching mechanism.

Optional Upgrade 2: Functioning latch mechanism and precision machined metal components. Precision CNC machined and functional internal mechanisms made from aerospace-grade stainless steel and aluminum.

Build times: Due to the precise level of detail, the current build time for this model is 6-9 months.

Please Note: This model ships from the United Kingdom. The costs of shipping as well as any import fees or duties are the sole responsibility of the buyer. This is a custom-built model and is non-refundable.