Discover the rarest space memorabilia and space flown treasures that we have to offer - buried deep in our vault.

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Apollo 17 Lunar Orbit Flown Photography Chart Maps
As low as £1600
Apollo 9 Flown Guantanamo Bay-Cuba Photo Map
Apollo 9 Flown Oahu-Hawaii Landmark Map
Apollo 17 Lunar Orbit Flown Contingency Map Plates
74.45g Moon Meteorite / Laayoune 002
£3959 £5956
45.45g Moon Meteorite / Bechar 003
£2545 £3636
SpaceX & ISS Flown Oversized USA Flag
£700 £1200
Saturn V Apollo 7 to 17 Flown Material & Moon Rock Lucite
Saturn V Apollo 7 to 17 Flown Material & Moon Rock Lucite
Original Return of the Jedi Style B Printers Proof (1983)
£1650 £2100
Mercury Liberty Bell 7 Flown Film
Buzz Aldrin Signed 8x10 WSS
Frank Borman Signed 16x20 Earthrise
Apollo 9 Flown Patrick Airforce Base-Florida Photo Map
Apollo 9 Flown Perth-Australia Landmark Map
66.45g Moon Meteorite with Fusion Crust / Laayoune 002
£3348 £4784
Official SpaceX ORBCOMM-2 Tubing Flown Artifact
£1200 £1600
Apollo 13 Lunar Module Flown 3.5x2 Stowage Button Strap

Gather one, gather all, collectors of the universe! Before you lay the greatest treasures in human history! Space memorabilia from outer space, apollo flown memorabilia which has touched the surface of the Moon. And for those of you yearning for something from a galaxy far, far away, we have original Star Wars production used props and even vintage Star Wars posters! This is the collector's sanctum, and we bid you welcome!