Buy real dinosaur fossils that date back hundreds of millions of years as well as genuine meteorites like the one that wiped them out.

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Moon Meteorite Jars / Laayoune 002
21.8g Moon Meteorite Slice / Gadamis 05
74.15g Moon Meteorite with Fusion Crust / Laayoune 002
£2966 £4449
74.15g Moon Meteorite with Fusion Crust / Laayoune 002
32.64g Moon Meteorite / Lahmada 020
Moon Meteorite
Mars Meteorite
Mercury Meteorite NWA 7325
Moon & Mars Meteorite Bundle
Boxed Agoudal Meteorite Gift Pack
Shooting Star Meteorite Gift Set
Dinosaur Killer Meteorite & Fossil Gift Pack
Dinosaur Discovery Fossil Gift Pack
Raptor Tooth Fossil
Medium Mars Meteorite
Medium Moon Meteorite
Medium Moon & Mars Meteorite Bundle
Large Moon Meteorite
Large Mars Meteorite
Large Moon & Mars Meteorite Bundle

Own a dinosaur or the thing that wiped them out! Or both. Both is good too. Find us someone who doesn't want a pet dinosaur or a rock from space, we dare you! We have fossils for sale which are millions of years old, and to top it off you can also buy meteorites! Genuine meteorites from the Moon, Mars and beyond! I mean seriously, who doesn't want a genuine moon rock?