Apollo 13 LM Flown 26x12 Netting & Haise Signed Photo

Genuine flown in space stowage assembly netting with 12 button clips rescued from the interior of the Apollo 13 Lunar Module "Aquarius" prior to jettisoning. Framed alongside a 16"x20" damaged Command Module photograph and mission detailed letter signed by Lunar Module Pilot Fred Haise.

Archive Id AP13-LMN-2612


This is the largest segment of Apollo 13 Lunar Module flown material we have ever offered!

This huge segment of Apollo 13 Lunar Module "Aquarius" flown stowage assembly netting exhibits 12 button clips that attached the netting segment to the wall within the LM aft bulkhead to the right of the food stowage compartment. This museum-grade frame also includes a 16"x20" photograph of the damaged Command Module signed by Lunar Module Pilot Fred Haise and is inscribed with "Apollo 13 LMP", as well as a letter detailing how the material came to be on Earth, written and signed by Haise.

Apollo 13 nearly ended in catastrophe when an oxygen tank exploded several days into the mission, resulting in the crew using the Lunar Module as a liferaft. Despite their dire circumstances, Fred Haise made time to remove as many materials from within the Lunar Module as he could prior to it being jettisoned, including the netting in this presentation!

The material in question was later given to Grumman, builders of the Lunar Module, most of which was cut into 1-inch pieces in order to make the Grumman Employee Awards. These awards were signed by the crew and presented to Grumman employees. This makes these large segments very difficult to find.

Product Information:

  • Overall frame measures 34" x 32" (86cm x 81cm)
  • Apollo 13 flown LM netting measures 26" x 12" (66cm x 30cm)
  • Astronaut Fred Haise signed 16"x20" Damaged CM photo
  • Mission-related letter written and signed by Fred Haise
  • Matted using museum-grade materials
  • Framed using Acryguard™ conservation acrylic
  • Framed with a 4'' Apollo 13 Patch
  • Framed with a 4'' Apollo Program Patch
  • Comes with certificate of authenticity

Acryguard™ Conservation Acrylic Information:

Acryguard™ Conservation glazing offers the ultimate protection with almost 100% UV block. The 3mm UV blocking coating absorbs 99% of UV radiation and also boasts a scratch-resistant coating.

Authentication Information:

The material in question was acquired from William ''Bill'' Looney, who received it from Ted Mormon (his boss at the time). Bill worked at Grumman for 35 years, and was the Lunar Module spacecraft test manager at Kennedy Space Center for Apollo's 10, 13, and 15, and supported Apollo 5 (the first LM to fly) and Apollo 11.

Bill worked on numerous programs at Grumman—the OV-1 Mohawk, F-14 Tomcat, and the RHIC (relativistic heavy ion collider)—but he was most proud of his work on the Apollo Lunar Modules. He worked on the Grumman proposal team for the Lunar Excursion Module (later the LM), which won the contract from NASA, and helped develop the plans for testing all the Apollo spacecraft, program-wide. Working on the space program exceeded all the dreams he had of flight as a child. He retired from Grumman in 1994.

Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity:

All of our artifacts are thoroughly and extensively researched before being listed for sale, so much so that we're proud to offer a lifetime guarantee of authenticity for this and other artifacts listed throughout our website. We also hold a record of every piece we sell which can be identified and searched in our online database using the serial number listed on your certificate of authenticity.