Apollo 16 Command Module Casper Flown Cheese Crackers

Apollo 16 Command Module "Casper" flown cheese crackers authenticated by Lunar Module Pilot Charlie Duke. The inscription reads "A-16 / Flown on CM Casper / Charlie Duke, LMP". Includes a signed COA from Duke.

Archive Id AP16-FIS-CC


This is a genuine flown packet of cheese crackers carried to the moon aboard the Command Module "Casper" during the Apollo 16 mission. The package label, marked "Cheddar Cheese Crackers" and stamped "5083," bears a small blue swatch of Velcro, meaning that the food ration was intended for the Lunar Module Pilot. The pack is signed and flight-certified in black ink: "A-16, Flown on CM 'Casper,' Charlie Duke, LMP." The space-food package measures 6.5″ x 3.25″ and contains 12 compressed bite-size cheese crackers, each measuring approximately 1" in diameter.

The pack is accompanied by a signed letter of provenance from Duke, in part: "By this letter, I certify that the Apollo food bag containing 'Cheddar Cheese Crackers' with ID number 5083 with a 'Blue' Velcro tab was flown to the moon aboard the Apollo Command Module 'Casper'…Each meal usually consisted of four or five bags that included a drink, a soup, an entree, a vegetable, and a dessert. One crewman would prepare the meals for consumption… While the Apollo food did not look very appetizing, I actually found it tasty and certainly nutritious. The portions were more than ample so all the food was not consumed. This is one of the bags that were not consumed. This food bag has been a part of my personal space collection since we returned from our mission on April 27, 1972."

Authentication Information:

The space food came from the collection of Apollo 16 LMP Charlie Duke and is inscribed as flown, and includes a signed letter attesting to the flown status and story behind the food.

Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity:

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