Apollo 17 Lunar Orbit Flown USA Flag

This United States flag was flown to the moon aboard the Apollo 17 Command Module "America" in December 1972. The flag was presented to Robert Newall, Saturn V First Stage Chief, for his service to the Apollo Program.

Archive Id AP17-USA-CM


This museum-grade presentation contains a genuine Apollo 17 Command Module "America" flown United States flag and a lunar surface photograph showing Lunar Module Pilot Harrison Schmitt holding the American flag with the Earth above. The flag was presented to Robert Newall in appreciation for his service to the Apollo Program.

Product Information:

  • 6" x 4" USA flag flown to the moon on Apollo 17
  • 8" x 10" lunar surface photograph
  • Matted using museum-grade materials
  • Framed using Acryguard™ Conservation Acrylic
  • Frames measures 26.25" 17.75" (67cm x 45cm)
  • Includes a certificate of authenticity

Acryguard™ Conservation Acrylic Information:

Acryguard™ Conservation glazing offers the ultimate protection with almost 100% UV block. The 3mm UV blocking coating absorbs 99% of UV radiation and also boasts a scratch-resistant coating.

Authentication Information:

The Apollo 17 Command Module flown flag is from the collection of Saturn V First Stage Chief Robert Newall. Newall was responsible for the handling of the propulsion and mechanical section of the checkout and launch of the Saturn V rockets first stage. The work involved assessing the checkout performance of systems such as F-1 engine propulsion systems, and stage and ground pneumatics and hydraulics systems.

Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity:

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