Apollo 8 Flown Heatshield & Moon Rock Lucite

A genuine segment of Apollo 8 flown Command Module heatshield encased in lucite alongside a genuine NWA 10203 lunar meteorite.

Archive Id LU-AP8-1


Apollo 8 Space Flown Heatshield: The heatshield contained within this acrylic came from the Apollo 8 Command Module after its flight in 1968. Heatshield allowed the Apollo spacecraft to re-enter the Earth's atmosphere safely. The base of the Command Module consisted of a heatshield made of brazed stainless steel honeycomb filled with a phenolic epoxy resin as an ablative material, the outer surface of which would be heated to a gas and carry away heat by convection upon reentry.

NWA 10203 Moon Rock: The moon is constantly hit by meteorites and with no atmosphere and little gravity the larger impacts eject lunar rocks into space. After this impact, this meteorite will eventually be brought down to Earth by the Earth's gravitational pull. Scientists and universities all around the world examine meteorites and compare them with known lunar material, e.g. samples collected during the Apollo missions. The composition of gases and isotopes found is so unique that they can say for sure the material originated from the moon. The encased meteorite was acquired from Meteorite Hunter and Discovery Channel's ''Meteorite Men'' T.V. Star, Steve Arnold.

Product Information:

  • Overall Acrylic is 12cm x 7cm x 3cm
  • Space flown heatshield measures approx. 7mm
  • Genuine moon rock weighs approx. 50-100mg
  • Comes in a white gift box bearing the Apollo Program insignia

Authentication Information:

The space flown material came from the collection of Aviators Alley & Threehook Aviation, whom in turn acquired it from one of the veteran Rockwell International Space Division employees assigned to the post-landing safety and recovery inspection team. The heatshield was recovered from the Command Module on February 6, 1969.

Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity:

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