Apollo 9 Flown LM/EVA Checklist

Complete and original Apollo 9 flown Lunar Module / Extravehicular Activity checklist consisting of 112 heavy cardstock pages.

Archive Id AP9-LM-EVA


Complete Apollo 9 Flown LM EVA Checklist consists of 112 (56 double-sided) heavy, card stock pages consisting of 10 pages (5 double-sided) of Flight Plan, 102 pages (51 double-sided) pages of checklist, as well as the front cover which has been signed and inscribed as ''Flown on Apollo 9'' by LMP Rusty Schweickart, and back cover which has been signed and labelled as flown by the entire crew. This checklist came from the collection of Commander James McDivitt and is also accompanied by a McDivitt COA.

Signed on the reverse by CDR James McDivitt, CMP Pilot Dave Scott and LMP Rusty Schweickart, they each add ''Flown on Apollo 9''.

The purpose of the Apollo 9 EVA was to test whether or not an astronaut would be able to climb from one spacecraft to the other if for some unexpected reason, the LM and CM failed to dock with each other while in orbit around the moon. If this were ever to happen, a spacewalk from the Lunar Module to the Command Module would be the crew's only ticket home. However, the EVA wasn't destined to go smoothly, in fact, Dave Scott's camera failed just as Schweickart started the EVA transfer up the LM handrail. The benefit of this problem did give Rusty the 5 minute experience of a lifetime, in which he let go of the handrail with one hand, allowing him to swing around and look at the Earth below him, the black space above and the sun over his shoulder.