Every artefact we sell, be it space-flown memorabilia, meteorites, props, and so forth, are thoroughly researched and evaluated to ensure authenticity. We have spent nearly a decade building an air-tight reputation for authenticity and it is imperative to us that it remains that way.

Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity

Only after an artefact has undergone our strict internal research will we list it for sale, and beyond that, we have accumulated a wealth of industry knowledge and connections which we can call on to assist in our research. The artefacts offered on our site come with a lifetime guarantee of authenticity. Our reputation means everything to us, and so does ensuring that the artefacts we sell are genuine.

Certificate of Authenticity

Our personal guarantee to you is that all of our artefacts have been thoroughly examined, researched, and assured to be as described, and come with a lifetime guarantee of authenticity. Many of our products also include a certificate of authenticity (where noted in the product description section) that carries with it this same lifetime guarantee of authenticity and bears a tamper-proof hologram, is embossed with our company seal, and is hand-signed by the Director of The Space Collective; Richard Garner. Each certificate also carries with it an individual serial number that is tied to your artefact so that it can be cross-referenced to the original artefact listing in our archives. You can view our archive of previously sold artefacts by clicking here. It is important that you retain the certificate of authenticity for any artefact you purchase from us so that should the day come where you decide to pass on or sell the artefact that the authenticity is without question.

Our certificates come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from stickers to signed and holographic certificates. Below is a certificate that comes with our rarer pieces.