Dinosaur Bone Fossil Pendant

Own your very own 150 million year old herbivore bone with our Dinosaur Bone Fossil Pendant, found at the Morrison formation in Utah.

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Own your very own dinosaur bone with our Dinosaur Bone Fossil Pendant! The bone fossils were found at the Morrison formation in Utah, and are circa. 150 million years old. The bone fossils are predominantly representative of various herbivores, mostly sauropods (e.g. Apatosaurus).

Product Information:

  • Genuine Dinosaur bone fossil
  • Bone fossil is circa. 150 million years old
  • Includes 20-inch 925 sterling silver necklace
  • Comes in an elegant gift box

Authentication Information: The fossil contained within was sourced from one of the most prestigious fossil outlets in the United Kingdom and has been inspected and authenticated. thus ensuring its absolute authenticity.

About our Fossil Pendants: We take great pride in offering a diverse range of fossil pendants from across the spectrum of Dinosaur species which once roamed Earth. All of our pendants are handmade in the United Kingdom and the fossils are hand picked for their size, shape and quality. We're known for crafting the most elegant fossil pendants and this is a standard we will always uphold.

Allergy Advice: The sterling silver necklace is nickel-free, but the cage is not and is therefore is not nickel-free.

Please Note: Due to the nature of fossils, no two will ever be the same and will vary in shape, size and colour.