Gemini 8 Flown Heat Shield Desk Presentation

Gemini 8 Flown Heat Shield Desk Presentation

Vintage Gemini 8 flown heatshield section sealed in an acrylic capsule, mounted on a wooden pen base. The first spaceflight of Neil Armstrong who later became the first man to set foot upon the moon.

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Vintage Gemini 8 flown heatshield section sealed in an acrylic capsule, mounted on a wooden pen base. Gemini 8 was the first spaceflight of astronauts Dave Scott and Neil Armstrong. The mission objective was to conduct the first docking of two spacecraft in Earth orbit, between the Gemini 8 Capsule and the Agena Target Vehicle (ATV). While docked with the ATV, their spacecraft began to rotate. This could have resulted in damage to the Gemini spacecraft or even resulted in the propellant-heavy ATV rupturing or exploding. To resolve the situation, the crew decided to undock from the ATV, but this caused the Gemini Capsule to rotate even more rapidly. At the height of the situation, the spacecraft tumble rate had reached 296 degrees per second; this is when Armstrong decided to shut down the OAMS and use the Reentry Control System (RCS) thrusters located on the Gemini's nose to stabilize the spacecraft. The crew returned safely back to Earth.

The base measures 7.5" x 5" with the lucite measuring 2.3" x 1.6". The engraved plate reads: "HEAT SHIELD OF GEMINI #8 / "FIRST DOCKING IN SPACE" / NEIL ARMSTRONG / DAVID SCOTT / 16 MARCH 1966".

Authentication Information:

Vintage desk presentation is a widely recognized configuration from the Johnson Space Center machine shop and were gifted to individuals who worked on the program. Heatshield within the lucite exhibits expected charring from the heat of re-entry into Earth's atmosphere.

Condition Report:

Base, plaque, and lucite have been professionally cleaned and restored. Original pen holders and pens have been replaced due to wear with period-specific replacements.

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