Mercury-Atlas 5 Flown Parachute Artifact

A genuine segment of Mercury-Atlas 5 flown main ringsail parachute and comes attached to a mission photograph of the launch vehicle lifting off from the launch pad.

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Archive Id MA5-FPF-1


This artifact presentation contains a genuine piece of Mercury-Atlas 5 flown parachute. The parachute fabric was part of the Capsule's main ringsail parachute which was retrieved by the Navy Atlantic spacecraft recovery forces. After recovery, the capsule was flown back to the launch site in Cape Canaveral, Florida, where it remained in Hanger S of the Cape's industrial area for post-flight inspection and cleaning. After this process was complete team members were given permission to keep segments of the parachute as souvenirs.

MA-5 was famous for flying Enos the chimpanzee into Earth orbit. Enos orbited the Earth twice within the Mercury Capsule 9 and splashed down about 200 miles south of Bermuda. The mission took some 40 weeks to prepare, this was the longest preparation of any Mercury mission, and despite this, there were several major problems during the mission.

Product Information:

  • Segment of genuine Mercury-Atlas 5 capsule parachute
  • Attached to a 10" x 8" MA-5 mission photograph of the liftoff
  • Printed on original glossy Fuji Crystal Archive Supreme® paper (226µ, 238 gr/m²)
  • Includes certificate of authenticity with holographic logo and company stamp
  • Comes sealed in a clear protective 8" x 10" toploader

Authentication Information:

This space flown material came from the collection of the Lacey family. Lacey, an original Project Mercury team member, worked for Radio Corp of America (RCA) throughout the Mercury and Gemini Programs.

Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity:

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