Mercury Freedom 7 Flown Parachute & Beta Name Tag

Incredible space flown artifact from Mercury Freedom 7, the mission which saw the first American astronaut orbit Earth!
Archive Id MC7-FRDM-19


This incredible Mercury Freedom 7 Flown Parachute display is one of the most beautiful pieces of Mercury flown memorabilia we have ever seen. The fabric measures approx. 2" x 1" and comes attached to a photograph of Alan Shepard leaving the Mercury Capsule. The fabric was cut from the very same parachute that lowered Shepard back down to Earth in May, 1961, making him the first American to enter space. Shepard would later go on to command the Apollo 14 mission which would see him walk on the lunar surface along with fellow astronaut Edgar Mitchell.

Also included with this incredible piece of history is a genuine, A. Shepard flight-spare beta name tag. The name tag has solution marks on the reverse side which were intended to stop fraying and originally came in a clear blue bag bearing the NASA inspection logo (pictured below for reference), meaning that the tag was cleaned with the intention of being used on a flight, but ultimately ended up being a flight spare. Shepard's name appears in blue and the tag measures approx 7.5 inches by 2.5 inches.


  • Genuine piece of Mercury Freedom 7 flown parachute
  • Genuine A. Shepard beta cloth flight-spare name tag
  • Includes original Certificate of Authenticity
  • Includes an official Mercury Program patch
  • Includes an official Mercury Freedom 7 patch
  • Overall frame measures 21'' x 16''
  • Comes beautifully matted & framed in conservation grade materials