Mercury Meteorite NWA 7325

There are meteorites from the Moon, rocks from Mars — and now, just maybe, a meteorite from Mercury. Now is your chance to own your very own possible Mercury meteorite. 

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There are meteorites from the Moon, rocks from Mars — and now, just maybe, a meteorite from Mercury. Who doesn't want to own a rock from the closest planet to our Sun?

Product Information

  • Possible Mercury meteorite
  • Meteorite weighs approx: 7-17mg
  • Comes boxed in 2x1'' presentation box
  • Includes an individual meteorite registration number
  • Includes a statement of authenticity on the reverse

Is it? Could it be?

Some scientists believe that this is a piece of Mercury and is consistent with observations of the small planet's surface, but others argue that the meteorite is too old to be from Mercury. The age of the meteorite is 4.46 billion years old! That would have been almost immediately after our solar system sprang from the swirling disk of gas and dust around our newborn sun, can you imagine?!

This tight time frame means that the then proto-Mercury would have had only 8 million years to form, melt inside and separate into core and crust before another impact knocked off a chunk of its outer layer. But with that said, this is not an impossible scenario. Bottom line? The scientific community cannot come to a consensus, and shy of sending a probe or rover down to the planet's surface, it may remain that way for some time. But one thing is for certain; if this isn't a meteorite from Mercury, it also isn't from any other planet in our solar system. So where did it come from?

Authentication Information: The meteorite contained within this display has been independently and scientifically analysed by a respected authority and given the designation NWA 7325. The meteorite designation can be searched for on the International Society for Meteoritics and Planetary Science website where a complete analysis and composition breakdown is publicly available.