Space Series Starter Pack #2

Our exclusive Space Series starter pack #2 proudly brings to you this amazing selection of historic, genuine space flown material from some of NASA's most famous spacecraft!

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Our exclusive Space Series Collectors Pack #2 proudly brings you this incredible selection of genuine space flown materials from some of NASA's most famous spacecraft!

This incredible flown-in-space starter pack contains fragments of flown material from the Mercury Sigma 7 spacecraft, Gemini 2 spacecraft, Apollo-Soyuz Test Project Command Module, STS-77 Space Shuttle Endeavour, STS-80 Space Shuttle Columbia, and SpaceX CRS-14 Dragon & Cygnus NG-10 spacecraft.

Each piece of space-flown material comes in its own designated acrylic display disc for easy viewing and study. The pack also includes collectible information cards relevant to each piece of flown material.


  • Mercury Sigma 7 Flown Heatshield
  • Gemini 2 Flown Heatshield
  • Apollo-Soyuz Test Project Flown Kapton Foil
  • STS-77 Space Shuttle Endeavour Flown Thermal Blanket
  • STS-80 Space Shuttle Columbia Flown Thermal Blanket
  • SpaceX CRS-14 Dragon & Cygnus NG-10 Mylar Foil
  • Collectible Authenticity Information Card
  • 4cm Circular Acrylic Display Cases

The Space Series (2nd Gen):

Our exclusive second-generation Space Series brings you genuine material that was either flown in space aboard or as part of a NASA spacecraft, such as the Apollo Command Module, Space Shuttle, and more.

Each piece of flown material is guaranteed as authentic and comes protected in an acrylic display case bearing the mission insignia and authentication information on the reverse; and is also accompanied by a high-quality, collectible authenticity information card. Your starter pack will also arrive in a biodegradable, compostable sealed bag (because in this day and age, we can have nice things and keep our planet clean and safe at the same time).

Through this incredible collectors series, you will be able to collect, study and enjoy owning genuine spaceflight history. So why not start your journey in owning genuine space flown material from some of NASA's most iconic spacecraft today?

Take your space enthusiasm to the next level and collect the whole series!