SpaceX & ISS Flown 6x4 Army Flag / MISSE-16

Own an Army flag that has been launched up to the International Space Station on a 6-month mission, orbiting Earth over 6000 times and travelling 75 million miles before being returned to you on Earth!


Limited Edition of 25


Spaceflight Information:

  • Launched: 16th July 2022 at 11:21am EDT
  • Time in Space: 6-8 months
  • Orbits around Earth: 6000
  • Distance travelled: 75 million miles
  • Return to Earth: March 2023*
  • Returned to you: June 2023*

*Launch and return flights are determined by NASA and SpaceX and are subject to change at their discretion. The delivery date may vary.


This service is non-refundable.


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Archive Id SPX-ISS-ARF


We launched our 5th payload up to the International Space Station on 16th July 2022 at 11:21am EDT containing a bundle of Army flags. While aboard the ISS, the payload containing the flags orbits outside of the ISS for approximately six months before returning to Earth! We will then send you your very own flown-in-space Army flag!

About your flown-in-space flag:

  • The flown-in-space flag measures 6 x 4 inches
  • Includes documentation, certification, and mission photographs
  • Limited to 25 pieces worldwide

How does it work?

Before launch, the contents of our payload are integrated into the carriers in a class 10k clean room, where any residual contamination is removed. The contents are then vibration, thermal, and vacuum tested within a thermal vacuum chamber. When the payload is flight certified, it is loaded onto the rocket and launched into space.

After being launched into space, the payload is installed on the MISSE tray by the crew of the space station. The payload then exits the airlock, and once outside, the robotic arm picks up the payload and maneuvers into position aboard the MISSE testing facility, which is near the ISS solar arrays, where it will orbit Earth for around six months.

During this period, the payload and its contents are exposed to the extreme environment of space. This exposure includes the extreme temperatures of space, as well as electromagnetic radiation such as x-ray, proton, neutron, gamma and cosmic rays, microgravity, and the vacuum of space. Then after its 75 million mile journey is complete, the payload is retrieved once more by the robotic arm and then returned to Earth aboard a SpaceX Dragon capsule. Then, when all of the final return checks and procedures are completed, we send them straight to your door.


How will I be kept up to date? We will be sending payload update emails detailing the progress of the payload once it has launched into space.

Can I send my own flag? Unfortunately not. The agreement we have in place is specifically for the specified flags.

How many flags are being flown into space? We're only launching a total of 25 of the specified flags into space.

I have moved home since I placed my order, what should I do? You don't need to do anything right now. We know that during the mission, some people may have moved home. After the payload returns to Earth, you will receive an email asking you to confirm or update your address. Once confirmed, we will dispatch your order to your chosen address.

The flight was delayed/changed. Is it possible to get a refund? Unfortunately not. Due to how the contractual flight agreement works, this service is non-refundable. If a flight is delayed or changed, rest assured that your artifact will still fly, but simply at a different time than expected. We are not in control of such occurrences, and they can happen.

Please Note: These space-flown flags are non-refundable.