Apollo 14 Flown USA Flag & Mitchell Signed Photo

This United States flag was flown to the moon aboard Apollo 14 in January/February 1971 by Lunar Module Pilot Edgar Mitchell. The flag was gifted to Claes Nobel to aid in his environmental and humanitarian endeavours. Comes framed with a 20" x 16" mission photograph of Edgar Mitchell on the surface of the moon.

Archive Id AP14-USA-FG


This museum-grade presentation contains a genuine Apollo 14 flown United States flag and an oversized lunar surface photograph signed by LMP Edgar Mitchell. The flag comes from the collection of the Nobel family.

Product Information:

  • 6" x 4" USA flag flown to the moon on Apollo 14
  • 20" x 16" lunar surface photograph signed by LMP Edgar Mitchell
  • Matted using museum-grade materials
  • Framed using Acryguard™ Conservation Acrylic
  • Framed with a 4'' Apollo 14 & Apollo Program Patch 
  • Frames measures 28.2" 24.2" (72cm x 61cm)
  • Includes documentation and correspondence between Claes Nobel & Edgar Mitchell
  • Includes a certificate of authenticity

Acryguard™ Conservation Acrylic Information:

Acryguard™ Conservation glazing offers the ultimate protection with almost 100% UV block. The 3mm UV blocking coating absorbs 99% of UV radiation and also boasts a scratch-resistant coating.

Authentication Information:

The Apollo 14 flown flag came from the Nobel Collection. Claes Nobel authored hundreds of speeches, papers, and correspondence to promote his work throughout his life. In 1974 he founded the NGO United Earth after authoring "The Nobel Laureates Declaration on the Survival of Mankind+ (197+), which received signatures from 78 Nobel laureates. Claes was a visionary and was very much inspired by the Humanitarian work of his Great Grand Uncle, Alfred Nobel. Edgar Mitchell gifted this flag to Claes Nobel in an effort to aid in his environmental and humanitarian endeavours. The presentation comes with copies of correspondence between Claes Nobel and Edgar Mitchell in which they discuss the flag, as well as a copy of Mitchell's business card and a notarized letter of authenticity from the family of Claes Nobel.

Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity:

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