Apollo 17 Flown Emergency Helmet Pon Tube

This pon tube was originally part of the contingency feeding system that was carried aboard Apollo 17 to be used in the event of an emergency. The tube would attach to the blue feed port on the bubble helmet and would allow the astronauts to drink in the event of cabin depressurization. Only one pon tube was flown aboard the spacecraft.

Flown hardware is incredibly difficult to come by. Extremely rare.

Archive Id AP17-AEFT-01


This one-of-a-kind astronaut helmet pon tube was flown aboard Apollo 17 as part of the contingency feeding system. The system was designed to allow the astronauts to drink in the event of cabin depressurization, provided that they were in their pressurized suits. One side of the pon tube would attach to a drink packet stored within a protective cover to stop it from rupturing due to backpressure. At the same time, the other side would have connected to the blue feed port on the astronaut's bubble helmet, allowing the astronauts to drink. Under these conditions, only fluids, primarily fruit drinks, would be able to pass through the tube. This condition could last for up to 5 days.

The tube bears a red anodized aluminium open and close valve and a white velcro square. The tube bears serial numbers P/N 14-0139, S/N 4014, and two quality control stamps. Tube measures 17cm long.

Only one contingency feeding system flew aboard each mission from Apollo 12 onwards through Apollo 17 (Apollo 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17). A contingency feeding system pon tube flew on Apollo 11, but not the complete assembly.

Authentication Information:

As documented in the stowage list, the pon tube came from the Apollo 17 contingency feeding system carried aboard the mission. The feeding system serial number reads P/N: SEB 39104484-301, S/N: 1006. The pack itself was also signed and inscribed by Mission Commander Gene Cernan. The inscription reads: "These three food packets flew on the last mission to the moon / Gene Cernan / Apollo XVII-CDR." Only one pon tube was contained within the same pack as the food packets, meaning that only one flew aboard the spacecraft.

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