Moon & Mars Dust Pendant Set

Give the gift of the Moon and Mars with this out-of-this-world meteorite pendant set containing genuine samples of Moon dust and Mars dust.

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Own your very own piece of the Moon and Mars that you can take with you anywhere in the Galaxy! The dust within these vials is not a replica, it is 100% genuine! It isn't a replica, it is 100% genuine! At certain times of the year, with the right weather conditions and a clear sky, you can see Mars from here on Earth. But now you can literally take Mars with you wherever you go. You can literally own a genuine piece of the red planet.

Product Information:

  • One pendant contains approx. 20mg of genuine Moon dust
  • One pendant contains approx. 20mg of genuine Mars dust
  • Cap is made from 925 solid sterling silver
  • Pendant measures approx. 2.8cm x 1.2cm (1.1" x 0.47")
  • The vial is made from a clear, strengthened glass
  • Includes a 20-inch 925 sterling silver necklace
  • Comes in an elegant gift box
  • Includes a certificate card of authenticity
  • Includes an individual meteorite registration number (i.e. NWA 6963)
  • Nickel-free

Authentication Information:

The dust contained within each pendant was collected while cutting Lunar and Martian meteorites. The meteorite was sourced from one of the most respected collectors of planetary meteorites in the world. The meteorites we use in our pendants have been analysed and authenticated by a top laboratory and given an official meteorite number, thus ensuring its absolute authenticity. This serial number can be used on the International Society for Meteoritics and Planetary Science website where a complete analysis and composition breakdown is publicly available.

Allergy Advice:

The sterling silver pendant, vial, and necklace are nickel-free.

But how do Moon or Mars meteorites end up here on Earth?

Well, the answer may surprise you! Look up at the Moon and you will see that it is covered in craters, this is because there is no tectonic plate movement unlike here on Earth. These craters were created after space debris crashed into the Moon over the course of its long life. When a sizeable object impacts the Moon, debris is flung into space. Eventually, some of this debris is caught by the Earth's gravitational pull and lands here on Earth. When this lunar rock tumbles to Earth, it becomes known as a meteorite. Hunters and collectors will go in search of said meteorites, but one must be very fortunate to find a lunar meteorite as they comprise of less than 1% of all meteorites found here on Earth! Fascinating, isn't it? The process of Martian meteorites is exactly the same, although they have much further to travel in order to reach Earth!

Watch this fun, educational video we made to explain the process: