9ct Gold Moon Dust Necklace

Explore the sun, moon, and stars with our beautiful 9ct gold Moon Dust pendant! Contains a genuine sample of scientifically authenticated moon dust.

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Gold literally comes from the core of an exploding star, and now, with our solid 9ct gold Moon Dust Pendant, you can have the remnants of a Star and genuine dust from the moon all in one!

Our amazing Moon Dust Necklace is the perfect gift for anyone who loves the stars, planets, and moons. This meteorite necklace contains double the amount of genuine, scientifically authenticated moon dust than our sterling silver version. It isn't a replica, it isn't fake, it is the real article! You can literally hold a piece of the Moon in your hands.

What could be more romantic than giving somebody the Moon?

Product Information:

  • Contains approx. 40mg of genuine moon dust
  • Cap is made from solid 9ct gold
  • Pendant measures approx. 2.8cm x 1.2cm (1.1" x 0.47")
  • Includes a 20-inch 9ct gold necklace
  • Comes presented in a glossy, black wooden gift box
  • Includes a certificate card of authenticity
  • Includes an individual meteorite registration number (i.e., NWA 4881)
  • Nickel-free

Authentication Information:

The moon dust contained within was collected while cutting a lunar meteorite. The meteorite was sourced from one of the most respected collectors of planetary meteorites in the world. The meteorites we use in our pendants have been analyzed and authenticated by a top laboratory and given an official meteorite number, thus ensuring their absolute authenticity. This serial number can be used on the International Society for Meteoritics and Planetary Science website, where a complete analysis and composition breakdown is publicly available.

Allergy Advice: The gold pendant, vial, and necklace are nickel-free.