The Space Collective was founded in 2010 by space enthusiast and collector Richard Garner. The business was founded in the UK and very quickly grew to become one of the most respected for our products, service, and authenticity. We operate out of our head office in London, UK, as well as our office in Tucson, Arizona, USA.


We bring space memorabilia to collectors and enthusiasts all around the world and have done since 2010. In our time we have built a worldwide reputation for authenticity and quality of service, building trust within the space community and making every effort to maintain it. We fully research each artifact that comes through our door to ensure that we accurately represent and communicate what it is, how it is relevant and where in history it belongs, and we do this to such an extent that we offer a lifetime guarantee of authenticity for our artifacts.


We're very proud of the fact that in the course of our research in authenticating artifacts we work very closely with museums and institutions all around the world. A large part of what we do is for scientific outreach, the reason being that it is incredibly important to us that younger generations take up careers in science. It is with this in mind that we proudly loan high-end artifacts from our own Space Museum Collection to museums and institutions around the world, these artifacts ranging from pieces such as space food right through to artifacts flown to the lunar surface aboard the Apollo missions between 1969-1972.

  • Richard Garner, Director of The Space Collective

    Richard Garner


    Richard is the founder of the company and has built close relationships with many astronauts, scientists, and NASA employees for over a decade. His ability to research the history of space artifacts and their use has been instrumental in the success of the company and building a reputation for authenticity.

  • Yolanda Parker, Director of The Space Collective

    Yolanda Parker


    Yolanda is one of the company owners and is responsible for the creative direction of the company, including the exclusive International Space Station payload artifacts that we pride ourselves on, as well as our new product designs.

    Brittany Sheldahl, Operations Manager at The Space Collective

    Brittany Sheldahl


    Brittany is responsible for the smooth operation of the collective social media channels and blog posts. If you enjoy our content, you have her to thank for it! Brittany is also a huge Lord of the Rings fan and a keen writer.

    Nick Howes, Meteorite Expert at The Space Collective

    Nick Howes

    Meteorite Expert

    Nick has been part of the collective for many years and provides insight and knowledge in his area of expertise; meteorites! Nick is also an award-winning astrophotographer with his work being featured by NASA, ESA, The Times and National Geographic.