Give the gift of the moon with our incredible selection of moon gifts - including genuine moon rocks.

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NASA Moon Exploration Crew Jacket
As low as $160
Moon Meteorite Jars / Laayoune 002
I Love You to the Moon and Back Meteorite Pendant
One Giant Leap Astronaut Socks
9ct Gold Moon Dust Necklace
Space Series - Apollo 11 CM Flown Kapton Foil
Apollo 8 Earthrise Tie
$16 $20
Apollo 8 Earthrise Tie
Large Moon & Mars Meteorite Bundle
Large Moon Meteorite
Medium Moon Meteorite
Medium Moon & Mars Meteorite Bundle
Sterling Silver Moon Dust Necklace
Moon Meteorite
Moon & Mars Meteorite Bundle
5.52g Moon Meteorite / Bechar 003
4.06g Moon Meteorite / Bechar 003
6.43g Moon Meteorite / Bechar 003
5.74g Moon Meteorite / Bechar 003
5.30g Moon Meteorite / Bechar 003
3.97g Moon Meteorite / Bechar 003

The Moon which maintains our orbit and has human footprints upon the surface! From the early days of space exploration which saw Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin first set foot upon the Moon, right through to the rovers and spacecraft we have sent there since, the Moon has and remains a mysterious and much loved celestial body. And now, we have brought you genuine Moon gifts, including genuine moon rocks! Now you truly can give the gift of the Moon.