Enjoy a trip to the surface of the moon wearing one of our Apollo spacesuit replicas or study the many intricate details of our engineering-grade space models.

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Official 24k Gold Shenzhou-8 Spaceship Model
$1600 $2500
Official 24k Gold Shenzhou-8 Spaceship Model
Apollo Command Module Hatch 1/8 Scale Engineers Model
$999 $1250
Apollo 11 CM Columbia Access Hatch Full-Scale Replica
Apollo A7L Deluxe Space Suit Replica

Time to suit up for launch! Our spacesuit replicas are perfect for museums, space centres and even cosplayers! They're made from the finest materials available, are durable and are all made to order. Whether you're reaching for the stars or for the shuttle bay doors, these spacesuit replicas are for you!