Boxed Agoudal Meteorite Gift Pack

Genuine agouldal meteorites encased in a clear acrylic display case, the perfect space and meteorite gift.

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This amazing Agoudal Meteorite gift pack specimen is one of the most interesting meteorites on Earth. This particular meteorite was found by Discovery Channel TV Star & Meteorite Hunter; Steve Arnold when in 2013 when he set up an expedition to map and find as much of this fantastic meteorite as possible. Arnold is not only a world famous Meteorite Hunter but is also star of the hit TV show "Meteorite Men".

The meteorite itself weighs in at approximately 3 grams. Agoudal is an IIAB Iron meteorite and comes from the Atlas Mountains in the Imilchil Province of Morocco.

Product Information:

  • Meteorites weigh approx. 3g
  • Comes in a clear acrylic display case
  • Display case measures 3.25" x 2.25" x1"