Alan Shepard Apollo Type II Flight Spare Name Tag

This Apollo-era beta name cloth bearing the name of astronaut Alan Shepard was a flight spare and in line to be used during a mission, but ultimately went on to be a spare.
Archive Id AP14-SHP-19


This incredible, Apollo-era flight spare beta cloth name tag bears the name of the first American to fly into space, aboard his Freedom 7 Mercury Spacecraft. Shepard later went on to Command the Apollo 14 Moon Landing mission. Shepard's name appears in blue and the tag measures approx 7.5 inches by 2.5 inches. These beta name tags were used on the chest section of the portable life support system (PLSS) and constant wear garment (CWG), on the back cover of the PLSS oxygen purge system (OPS), on the top cover of the PLSS remote control unit (RCU) and on the crew inflight coverall garment (ICG).

Unlike other beta cloth name tags, this tag has solution marks on the reverse side intended to stop fraying and originally came in a clear blue bag bearing the NASA inspection logo (pictured below for reference), meaning that it was cleaned with the intention of being used on a flight, but ultimately ended up being a flight spare.

The name tag is made from Beta cloth, a fire proof material woven from teflon coated glass fibres.