Apollo 11 Flown Command Module Breaker

Space flown breaker which was used aboard the Apollo 11 Command Module "Columbia" which carrier Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins to the Moon in July 1969.

Archive Id AP11-BKR-19


This incredible piece of space flight history, a Single Pole AC Breaker, was removed from Apollo 11 Command Module ''Columbia'' Control Panel at North American Rockwell (Downey) after the famous flight, and was then returned to sub-contractor (Mechanical Products). The Breaker comes attached to the original Mechanical Products letter, confirming its origin.

This Breaker was one of many variants used on the Main Display Console and Auxiliary Panels to open and close the 28vdc power supply to many different functions on the Command Module. Space flown hardware is incredibly difficult to find, as most of it is still inside the Command Modules which are on display around the world. An incredibly piece of space flight history from the most famous journey mankind has ever taken.

Apollo 11 ASHERs document only one circuit breaker being removed from the Command Module control panel post-flight, this was Breaker CB42 on the Reaction Control System section on Panel 8. The removal was due to a report by Mike Collins that there was an issue with the RSC control system. After SM separation the negative yaw engine (CM 16) System 1 did not fire in the normal mode. The engine did fire in the direct mode. The malfunction was verified by analysis of flight data and an analysis of malfunction was conducted to prevent reoccurance.