Apollo 15 CM Flown Power Amplifier

This incredible piece of Command Module Hardware was flown and used aboard the Apollo 15 mission in July 1971.
Archive Id AP15-AMP-19


This incredible piece of spaceflight hardware is incredibly rare! This Apollo 15 Command Module Power Supply Amplifier was part of the spacecraft's instrumentation subsystem which provided telemetry data on the health/function of other spacecraft systems during pre-launch checkout and flight. Flown hardware is incredibly difficult to find, especially hardware which was used and flown aboard the Apollo 15 Command Module. It even comes with the original removal parts tag, certifying its flown status. Also bears numerous quality control stamps and stickers, is serial numbered S/C 112 with part number V36-000002-161. Measures approx. 5.5'' x 3.6'' x 1.9''.