Vintage Apollo 7-17 Flown Lucite Set

Incredibly rare, vintage acrylic set of Apollo Command Module flown lucites. Each Apollo lucite contains two segments of flown material, heatshield and kapton foil. The overall set measures 10.5" x 9.25".

Archive Id VAP-717-LDS


Rare, vintage set of lucites each containing flown heatshield and kapton foil from each respective Apollo mission, from 7 through to 17. It is incredibly rare to find a complete set with the original display stand, as many such lucites are only found individually, making a complete set hard to come by. These pieces are made rarer by the fact that contained within is not one but two different segments of flown material, something not often found in more recent lucite presentations. Each individual lucite measures 1.75". The entire set measures 10.5" x 9.25".

Authenticity Information:

Vintage lucites of this type were made by Rockwell and the Johnson Space Center machine shop and were gifted to individuals who worked on the program. These lucites are widely recognised and contain segments of heatshield and kapton foil from their respective Apollo missions.

Condition Report:

Faded insignias due to age, as seen in all lucites created of the time. Otherwise in fine condition.

Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity:

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