Apollo 9 Flown Landmark Map 12-14 Checklist Page

Map page 12-14 showing the Gulf of California & Punta Tosca, Mexico, flown aboard Apollo 9, originally part of the Apollo 9 Landmark Maps & Photos checklist from the collection of Commander Jim McDivitt.

Archive Id AP9-FL-LMM-12-14


This double-sided landmark map page 12-14 came directly from the Apollo 9 Landmark Maps & Photos checklist and originated from the collection of Mission Commander Jim McDivitt. The map depicts the Gulf of California & Punta Tosca, Mexico. The maps are notated as landmarks and North compass points. Each has a chart printed giving latitude, longitude, elevation, and horizontal uncertainty calculations for each identified location. The NASA Apollo Earth Landmark Maps, printed by the Army Map Service, are all on a scale of 1:1,000,000.

The landmark map plates were intended for an emergency procedure in which the Apollo astronauts could update the spacecraft guidance and navigation computers by inputting precise position information of preselected Earth landmarks. Such maps of candidate landmarks and related data charts were prepared and carried by astronauts in both the Gemini and Apollo programs.

Product Information:

  • Apollo 9 flown landmark map page 12-14
  • Landmark map page measures 10.5" x 8.5"
  • Includes a certificate of authenticity from The Space Collective
  • Includes a copy of McDivitt's original certificate of authenticity
  • Includes a photograph of McDivitt holding the checklist
  • Optional: Includes an acrylic frame held together with magnets

Authentication Information: This page was originally from the Apollo 9 landmark maps & photos checklist and came from the collection of Apollo 9 Commander Jim McDivitt. Includes a copy of the original certificate of authenticity and a photograph of McDivitt with the checklist.

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