Our efforts in artifact research

There are a great many artifacts which have been extensively researched and confirmed as genuine, but equally there are just as many which have had little to no research conducted and require extensive research into their authenticity, purpose and origin. This is what we do.

Wealth of Industry Knowledge

Coupled with the extensive range of expertise our team have for researching artifacts, for over a decade we have also accumulated a wealth of industry knowledge and connections which we can call on to assist in said research. From specialist experts, historians and even museum curators, we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise at our disposal, all of which are used to ensure that our efforts in identifying artifacts, as well as their place in history and purpose are accurate and documented. Equally, our skills are often employed by others, including museums, to aid in the research of their artifacts. Some artifacts can take years to thoroughly research, but we never tire in our efforts to find every last detail.

Research Documents & Publications

The level of research required varies from artifact to artifact and in our experience no two are the same. We have in our possession artifacts which we have spent years researching and are tirelessly continuing to do so. Some of the research we conduct is important enough for us to publish as online documents and in some instances, official publications. We consider it a responsibility and a privilege to be able to record and document history, especially when that history is in danger of being forgotten - an occurrence we hope to mitigate. You can find some of our online documents and publications by clicking here.

Requesting Our Help

We're often approached by individuals, organisations and museums to help in their efforts to identify and catalogue their space artifacts. If you have pieces which require research you're more than welcome to contact us for assistance by clicking here.