Every artifact that we sell, be it space-flown memorabilia, meteorites, props, and so forth, is thoroughly researched and evaluated to ensure complete authenticity. We have spent over a decade building an air-tight reputation for authenticity and it is imperative to us that it remains that way. This is why our due diligence is paramount.


Every artifact sold by us, whether it includes a certificate of authenticity or not, comes with a lifetime guarantee of authenticity or your money back. We hold records of sale for each artifact sold which allows us to trace your order back even after 10 years or more.


Due diligence is vital in any collecting arena, both on our part, and on yours. This is why only after an artifact has undergone our strict internal research and due diligence will we list it for public sale. To do this, we draw on our own wealth of knowledge, as well as that of our industry connections from historians, curators, and even astronauts.


Our personal guarantee to you is that all of our artifacts have been thoroughly examined, researched, and assured to be as described. Our reputation means everything to us, and so there is nothing more important to us than ensuring that the artifacts we sell are completely genuine.


Many of our products include a certificate of authenticity (where noted in the product description) and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Those found in our high-end category, for instance, come with a postcard size certificate bearing important information on your artifact, as well as a tamper-proof hologram, embossed with our company seal, and hand-signed by the Director of The Space Collective, Richard Garner. Each certificate also carries with it an individual archive ID that is tied to your artifact so that it can be cross-referenced to the original artifact listing in our archives.


If your artifact does not come with a certificate of authenticity, then do not fear—included in your order confirmation email is a record of sale that includes an archive ID. This ID ties directly to the product listing on our website.


The archive is available using our search box and is also available in the main menu.