Complete Gemini 5 Flown ReEntry Checklist

Flown and used aboard the Gemini 5 mission in August 1965.

Archive Id GT5-CHK-19


This complete Gemini 5 Checklist was used during re-entry after the 120-earth orbital flight by Pete Conrad and Gordon Cooper. The Checklist is heavily annotated by Conrad and signed on the reverse by Cooper and originally came from the collection of Pete Conrad. Certified by the Space Coast Cover Service.

The Checklist consists of 19 double-sided heavy card stock 3¼"x8" pages bound by a single metal ring, and is numbered 'CF55047-2 S/N 51.' Most of the checklist pages were annotated by Pete Conrad himself during the actual space voyage. Among the procedures included in the checklist are 'Mode II Abort, Insertion Checklist' (filled in and notated by Cooper); 'Power Up Check list'; and post-landing and water egress checklists, with one page notated, 'Remove shirt sleeves, Dollar Bills, PPKs, Log Book, Flight Plan, Re-Entry Book.' Boldly signed on the reverse of the last page, 'Gordon Cooper, Gemini 5 CDR.' Most of the black pen writing is in Conrad's hand.

The Gemini 5 mission launched Aug 21, 1965, and splashdown occurred Aug 29, 1965, and carried both Cooper and pilot Charles 'Pete' Conrad. Problems with both the manoeuvring system and fuel cells, plus the failure of the electrical system to deploy their 'rendezvous pod' prompted Conrad to later refer to the mission as 'Eight days in a garbage can.' Nevertheless, the mission did demonstrate that rendezvous of two spacecraft was feasible, paving the way for an important phase of the future Apollo program. GT-5 was the third manned Gemini spaceflight of 10 flown from 1965-66. It was the longest-duration manned spaceflight to date and the first to use fuel cells for electric-power generation in space.