Medium Moon & Mars Meteorite Bundle

Genuine 30-50mg slices of Moon and Mars meteorites, each encased and certified in an acrylic display slab.

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Archive Id MD-LUN-MAR


Own your very own 30-50mg piece of both the Moon and Planet Mars with our incredible Moon & Mars rock bundle! With less than 1% of all meteorites found being lunar or martian in origin, you could be one of the very few people on Earth to own pieces of both celestial bodies.

Lunar and Martian meteorites are also amongst the most visually stunning meteorites on Earth, this makes them even more highly sought after than any other type of meteorite.

Product Information:

  • Genuine lunar meteorite
  • Genuine martian meteorite
  • Meteorites weigh approx: 30-50mg each
  • Each meteorite comes boxed in 2x1'' presentation box
  • Each meteorite includes an individual meteorite registration number (i.e. NWA 6963 or NWA 10203)
  • Each presentation box includes a statement of authenticity on the reverse

Authentication Information: The lunar and mars meteorites contained within this display has been independently and scientifically analysed by a respected authority and compared against known lunar and martian samples collected by Apollo astronauts and the various Mars Rovers to guarantee their authenticity. Each piece comes with an individual serial number which can be searched for on the International Society for Meteoritics and Planetary Science website where a complete analysis and composition breakdown is also publicly available.