Mercury Liberty Bell 7 Flown Film

Space flown film used aboard the Mercury Liberty Bell 7 mission which carried astronaut Gus Grissom into space and sunk to the bottom of the ocean upon landing.

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Archive Id MC7-LB7-19


Unlike all other segments of Liberty Bell 7 Flown Film, this one has NOT been encased in lucite! The flown film is attached to a 8x10 heavy photograph so you can actually touch it. This is the only example of loose Liberty Bell 7 we have ever seen. Liberty Bell 7 was made famous when, upon splashdown in the Atlantic Ocean the hatch cover accidentally blew, causing the capsule to take on water. Pilot Gus Grissom was at risk of drowning, but was safely recovered by the recovery team after they released the Mercury capsule. The capsule itself sank and sat at the bottom of the ocean until its recovery in 1999.

The film strip measures approx. 3'' x 0.75'' and comes with the original Cosmosphere Certificate of Authenticity.