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Mars Meteorite

Mars Meteorite

Mercury Meteorite NWA 7325

Mercury Meteorite NWA 7325

Moon Meteorite

A genuine meteorite from the Moon! This sample has been analysed and compared to samples brought back by the Apollo astronauts between 1969 and 1972 to guarantee authenticity.

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Own a real piece of the Moon! Lunar meteorites are one of the most visually striking meteorites available today. The Moon is also our closest cosmic neighbour with which we share a rich history that stretches back 4.53 billion years. Remarkably, less than 1% of all meteorites found on Earth are lunar in origin, this makes them highly desired by collectors and incredibly rare, and you can own one!

Product Information:

  • Genuine lunar meteorite
  • Moon meteorite weighs approx: 7-17mg
  • Comes boxed in 2x1'' presentation box
  • Includes an individual meteorite registration number
  • Includes a statement of authenticity on the reverse
Authentication Information: The meteorite contained within this display has been independently and scientifically analysed by a respected authority and compared against known lunar samples brought back to Earth by the Apollo astronauts between 1969-1972 to guarantee its authenticity. Each piece comes with an individual serial number which can be searched for on the International Society for Meteoritics and Planetary Science website where a complete analysis and composition breakdown is also publicly available.