Neil Armstrong Flight-Spare Name Tag & NASA Pouch

This original type 2 beta name tag was made as a flight spare for the first man to set foot on the moon, Neil Armstrong. Includes the original NASA-MSC cleaned for service pouch used to store the name tag.

Archive Id AP11-NAT-01


This incredible Apollo beta cloth tag bears the name of the Apollo 11 Commander and first man to walk on the moon, Neil Armstrong. Armstrong's name appears in blue text and the rear side bears solution marks that were intended to stop the beta from fraying prior to use. Measures approx 7.5 inches by 2.5 inches and includes a certificate of authenticity.

The tag comes with the original clear blue pouch featuring the NASA cleaned for service sticker, meaning that it was cleaned and prepared with the intention of being used on a flight. The label is dated 28 Jan 70 and Armstrong did not fly again after Apollo 11, so ultimately the tag ended up being a flight spare, but had he flown again, it is possible that this tag would have been used on his spacesuit.

Type II beta name tags such as this were used on the chest section of the portable life support system (PLSS), on the constant wear garment (CWG), back cover of the PLSS oxygen purge system (OPS), on the top cover of the PLSS remote control unit (RCU) and on the crew inflight coverall garment (ICG).

The name tag is made from Beta cloth, a fire proof material woven from teflon coated glass fibres.

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