Raptor Tooth Fossil

A genuine 70-110 million-year-old Raptor tooth fossil contained within an acrylic display case and comes with a certificate card of authenticity.

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This amazing dinosaur fossil is a genuine Raptor tooth dating back to the Cretaceous Period 70-110 million years ago. Raptors lived on most continents and were part of the Dromaeosauridae family, otherwise known as "running lizards". Raptors were incredibly successful pack hunters and could take down prey much larger than themselves.

Product Information:

  • Genuine 70-110 million-year-old Raptor tooth fossil
  • Comes in a clear acrylic display case
  • Includes a certificate card of authenticity

Authenticity: This raptor fossil was found at the Kem Kem Basin in Morocco, Northwest Africa, and is between 70-110 million years old.

Please Note: Due to the nature of fossils, no two will ever be the same and will vary in shape, size, and colour.