Own genuine memorabilia and flown-in-space artifacts from the first NASA reusable rocket - the Space Shuttle.

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Space Shuttle STS-30 Atlantis Flown Insulation Blanket
Space Shuttle STS-77 Endeavour Flown Insulation Blanket
Space Series - STS-80 / STS-85 / STS-86 Flown TPS
Space Series Starter Pack #2
Space Series Starter Pack #1
Hubble Space Telescope Patch
Space Shuttle Program Patch
Space Shuttle Flown Artifacts from 5 Shuttles
Space Shuttle End of Program Pin
8 inch Shuttle Program Patch
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10 Items

135 missions and an incredible legacy! The Space Shuttle program, the fleet of modern starships responsible for ferrying astronauts to and from the International Space Station and deploying payloads such as the Hubble Space Telescope into space! The Space Shuttle memorabilia we have here celebrates the incredible legacy of the Shuttle Program, as well as the science and discoveries it gifted us.