Space Series - STS-80 / STS-85 / STS-86 Flown TPS

This amazing set of spaceflight history materials is part of our exclusive Space Collector Series. This booster pack contains genuine fragments of Space Shuttle Columbia, Discovery and Atlantis.

Archive Id STS80-85-86


This amazing set of spaceflight history materials is part of our exclusive Space Collector Series. This booster pack contains genuine fragments (approx. 10mm) of Space Shuttle Columbia (STS-80), Space Shuttle Discovery (STS-85), and Space Shuttle Atlantis (STS-86).

Thermal blankets, part of the Space Shuttle Thermal Protection System (TPS), protected the Space Shuttle orbiters from the extreme temperatures encountered during spaceflight. The thermal blankets were made from a woven ceramic fabric with insulative batting in between the fabric layers.

Also included in this booster pack are collectible authenticity & information cards, as well as acrylic display discs to hold your pieces of historic space flown memorabilia.


  • Space Shuttle Columbia (STS-80) Flown Thermal Blanket
  • Space Shuttle Discovery (STS-85) Flown Thermal Blanket
  • Space Shuttle Atlantis (STS-86) Flown Thermal Blanket
  • Collectible Authenticity & Information Cards
  • 4cm Circular Acrylic Display Cases

Space Collector Series

Our exclusive Space Collector Series brings you genuine material that has been flown in space either aboard or as part of a NASA spacecraft, such as the Apollo Command Module, Space Shuttle, and more.

Each piece of flown material is guaranteed as authentic and is accompanied by a high-quality, collectible authenticity & information card, as well as an acrylic display disc bearing the mission insignia and statement of authenticity on the reverse. The collectible card is made from 350 gsm glossy art paper and is coated in high-quality cellophane for protection. Your booster pack will also arrive in a biodegradable, compostable sealed bag (because in this day and age we can have nice things and keep our planet clean and safe at the same time).

Through this wonderful collectors series, you will be able to collect, study and enjoy owning genuine spaceflight history. So why not start your journey in owning genuine space flown material from some of NASA's most iconic spacecraft today?

Take your space enthusiasm to the next level and collect the whole series!