SpaceX & ISS Flown 6

SpaceX & ISS Flown 6" x 4" Country Flags

SpaceX & ISS Flown 6" x 4" NASA Flag

Select either a black or white NASA flag that is scheduled to be launched into space on SpaceX Falcon 9/Dragon in August 2021 as part of The Space Collective's 4th International Space Station flown payload.




Please Note: Flight schedule is subject to change at NASA's discretion.

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Select either a 6" x 4" (15.25cm x 10.15cm) black or white NASA flag (or both) that is scheduled to be launched into space aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9/Dragon in August 2021 as part of our own exclusive payload, where it will dock with the International Space Station. After docking is complete, the astronauts will maneuver the payload into the airlock. Using the ISS robotic Canadarm, the astronauts will attach the payload to the exterior of the space station, where it will remain for 6 months, exposed to the environment of deep space!

Your flown-in-space flag will come with an elegantly designed document of authenticity, making it a complete collectible and ready to frame!

Product Information:

  • 6" x 4" (15.25cm x 10.15cm) black or white NASA flag
  • Includes flight documentation & photographs
  • Includes a document of authenticity
  • Comes sealed in a clear protective 8" x 10" toploader

Authentication Information:

This flown-in-space flag is from our private collection and is part of the 4th payload that we arranged to be carried to and from the International Space Station. The launch up to the International Space Station is scheduled for around August 2021. When in orbit, the payload that will contain this flag will be attached to the exterior of the ISS, where it will orbit for 6 months, orbiting Earth 6000 times and travelling 175 million miles before returning to Earth via a SpaceX Dragon Capsule in March 2022.

Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity:

All of our artifacts are thoroughly and extensively researched before being listed for sale, so much so that we're proud to offer a lifetime guarantee of authenticity for this and other artifacts listed throughout our website. We also hold a record of every piece we sell, which can be identified and searched in our online database using the serial number listed on your document of authenticity.

Please Note: These flown-in-space flags are non-refundable.


Updates about the mission will be available here.

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