Experimental Gemini-Apollo Space Food Packets

Experimental Gemini-Apollo Space Food Packets

This is an incredibly rare set of original, experimental space food packets from the crossover between the Gemini Program to the Apollo Program.

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Archive Id GM2AP-SFP-2


This is a pair of rare, original space food meal packets intended for experimentation between the Gemini and Apollo Program. The packs exhibit traits from both Gemini and Apollo as well as experimental statements leading to the conclusion that these were created to test various food ration functions, some of which ultimately ended up being used during the Apollo missions.

Chicken & Vegetables

This packet is smaller than those used during Apollo (19.6cm x 18cm) and exhibits an external germicide tablet, something emplemented throughout the Gemini Program until Apollo 7. At the top of this packet is a folded up funnel, most likely intended for the astronauts to squeeze out the contents, though it does also bear a fold at the bottom to indicate where the pack could be cut using scissors - only one of these functions would be necessary on a finished food ration. The identifying label reads "Chicken and Vegetables / 3 oz / 20 mins / Hot / R134039-1". A second reference number is embedded into the plastic packet itself which reads ''F101248''.

Chicken Sandwiches

This food packet is noticably different from those used during Apollo. Unlike the final version of Apollo sandwiches, this packet contains 6 pre-made Chicken Sandwich bites separated into two sections of three. The sandwich bites have an upper and lower bread section with the middle being chicken. The reverse also has four blue velcro squares, indicating that the packet was meant for a LMP, a feature not introduced until the Apollo Program. There is a green sticker beneath the experimental sticker usually intended for hand-written notes. This food packet exhibits a reference code in line with the Chicken & Vegetable food packet, meaning it would have been made at the same time.

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