Top 10 Space Gifts of 2019

27 November 2019 6973 view(s) 5 min read
Top 10 Space Gifts of 2019

Well hello Earthlings! Welcome to The Space Collective's official "Space Gift of the Year" awards, proudly presented by... well, us. Hi. Anyway, we have a lot to get through so like Neil Armstrong let's dive off the safety of our lunar module and straight into the unknown to reveal the secrets of the best space gifts of 2019!


The best space gifts of 2019 are... Drum roll please!

1. Genuine Moon Dust Necklace

sterling silver pendant containing genuine moon dust on a silver chain

Of course the Moon Dust Necklace is the favorite space gift of 2019, I mean, how could it not be? You can literally give the gift of the moon either to yourself or some other lucky celestial human being, either choice is fine. And for those of you who have nickel allergies, fear not, for this sterling silver meteorite pendant is completely nickel-free! It is also worth mentioning that there is also a solid 9ct gold version available here. Because why not?

2. Mini Apollo 11 Spacecraft Kapton Foil

space collector series apollo 11 flown kapton foil in a mini display

We kid you not! Actual kapton foil from the spacecraft that carried Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins to the moon in July 1969. It is worth noting that this is the smallest piece available and that there are actually larger pieces available in our Apollo Flown section. But just imagine owning a genuine piece of the material which protected the spacecraft and astronauts from the radiation of space during their journey to the moon in what was one of, if not the most incredible adventure in human history!

3. Black Holes Suck Socks

black and blue colored black holes suck space socks

Hehehe they do, they really do! But unlike a real black hole where if you got too close it would crush you into a tiny pile of superheated atoms, these black holes are more forgiving. In fact, not only will they not crush you into atomic mush, but they're super soft and comfortable because they're made from bamboo! Yeah you heard us, bamboo. Surprisingly bamboo is environmentally friendly, super soft, moisture wicking and even antibacterial. Who knew? And for those of you who love space socks, there are plenty more available here.

4. Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Wicket Ewok Fur Prop

acrylic frame containing a wicket ewok fur prop from return of the jedi

Number 4 of our top 10 best space gifts of 2019 comes from a Galaxy far far away! That's right Star Wars fans, an actual prop from the original Star Wars trilogy. This awesome miniature acrylic display contains a genuine segment of our ewok fur from the greatest ewok on Endor; Wicket. Ally to the rebel alliance and Princess Leia, Wicket is and always has been a fan favorite. And if ewoks are too furry for you then fear not as there are more original Star Wars props available here!

5. Shooting Star Meteorite Pack

shooting star meteorite gift pack containing two to three meteorites

There was a time where giving the gift of the star was metaphorical, well, not anymore! Now you can literally give somebody the gift of the stars with this awesome meteorite gift pack! It contains between two or three meteorites; Campo del Cielo, which impacted Earth some 5000 years ago and genuine stone NWA XXX meteorites. It is easy to see why this was one of the most popular gifts of the year.

6. Apollo 7 to 17 Flown Material & Moon Rock Lucite

apollo flown foil from each apollo mission encased in lucite with a genuine lunar meteorite

The Apollo Program landed 12 men on the surface of the moon between 1969 and 1972, one of those men was called Neil Armstrong. When Armstrong stepped foot on the moon he immortalised the phase "that's one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind". This incredible artifact contains genuine spacecraft flown materials from each of the Apollo Command Modules, the very spacecraft which carried these incredible adventurers to the moon, as well as a genuine moon rock!

7. SpaceX CRS14 & 17 Flown Mylar Foil Artifact

mylar foil flown to the international space station on a spacex dragon

SpaceX have pathed the way for more affordable spaceflight and now thanks to them you can own a genuine segment of mylar foil which was carried aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket to the International Space Station. It was then attached to the outside of the Space Station for 14 months and then returned safely to Earth aboard a SpaceX Dragon Capsule! What a journey, and you can own part of it!

8. Moon & Mars Meteorite Bundle

a genuine lunar and martian meteorite gift set

These aren't the cheap certificates you find online where you can buy a "plot of land" on the moon or mars, no. These are real. These are genuine. These are actual, fully certified pieces of the moon and mars! They're a fan favourite and for good reason, I mean come on, who doesn't want to own a real piece of the moon and mars?

9. Star Wars: A New Hope Death Star Panel Prop

original star wars: a new hope death star panel prop

This incredible, original segment of the Death Star from Star Wars: A New Hope was voted one of the best original star wars props we have made available to date and it isn't hard to see why! This original production prop is removable, just in case you want to hold a piece of the ultimate power in the Universe, and comes framed with an official Star Wars print and patch. Death Star props are incredibly rare as most were actually thrown away after filming! But fear not, you can own this one!

10. Apollo 13 CM Flown Foil Artifact

apollo 13 flown foil on a mission photograph

Apollo 13 is one of the most famous missions in NASA history! It was the near-fatal mission to the moon where the crew experienced an oxygen tank explosion and with the help of the teams on the ground, they had to jerry rig a device so that they would have enough oxygen to get back to Earth safely - which they did! It is no wonder that this incredible artifact made the list. It is a genuine segment of Command Module "Odyssey" kapton foil which carried the crew to and around the moon and then safely back to Earth.

And that's it for the top 10 space gifts from The Space Collective! If you have enjoyed this post feel free to subscribe to our newsletter and keep an eye out for more. But until then, ad astra!